Balancing An Under-Aroused, Depressed Brain

Balancing An Under-Aroused, Depressed Brain

Life is all about balance. Our brains are no different, just like our physical self, our mental self also requires balance. But how is our mental health including conditions like depression and ADHD possibly impacted by having an under aroused or unbalanced brain. 

You could simply ensure each week you have a balance of activities that can support better brain health, but this can be hard to do if we suffer from low mood or depression.  It’s also hard to know what you can do to balance your brain health when the issue for you may well be poor concentration or brain fog.

So how do we balance our brains if our issues are a little more complicated?

Chocolate vs Fruit

Kite Surfing vs Couch Surfing

Marathon Run vs Beach Front Stroll

Party Party vs Quiet Night In

Happy vs Sad

Stress and Anxious vs Calm and Peaceful

Under-Aroused Brain

At times, an under-aroused brain can be super handy; after all, it would be super hard for us to get to sleep without it. However, living in a world of permanent sleepiness, brain fog or low mood would make it hard for any of us.  

So, what does an under-aroused brain look like?

ADHD – inattentive presentation


Poor concentration

Frequent daydreaming

Spaciness/ fogginess

Low or no motivation



Low mood


Sensitivity – feelings easily hurt

Sleepless nights

Not feeling rested after sleep

Falls asleep in low-stimulation situations

Low self-esteem

Brain Waves – The Science Bit

Science tells us that people who are experiencing symptoms of under-arousal tend to have excess theta brain waves and decreased beta brain waves. 

  • Theta is a brainwave frequency most readily experienced when we are in a dream sleep state. It is responsible for our intuition and creativity, and it’s one of our flow states, which is required to help us harness productivity greatness. It’s important for connecting our conscious and unconscious states. 
  • Beta is essential for us to be able to focus. It’s our active attention state, associated with normal waking consciousness and heightened alertness, logic and critical reasoning. 
Brainwave Infographic-01

Balancing Under Aroused Brains

When looking at balancing an under aroused brain, science tells us that our goal should be to reduce the level of theta waves and increase beta waves. This change in brainwave dominance should make us feel more awake, focused and motivated. 

DeepWave BrainWave Entrainment is one way in which beta frequencies can be triggered. 

DeepWave Brainwave Entrainment enhances mental and emotional well-being by adjusting your brainwave activity using high-frequency LED light. A light that pulses at the same frequency as desirable brain health states, like happy, relaxed, peaceful, optimistic, focused, creative, meditative, compassionate, confident, flow, and even sleepy states. This isn’t so much a treatment for depression or ADHD, but then exercise isn’t a treatment for obesity. 

Over time almost everybody finds DeepWave sessions to be immensely relaxing and mood-enhancing. But the first session can sometimes be a little different. People report various effects during and immediately after the first session. 

    • Around 20% report that they completely bliss out during the first session. 
    • Around 30% have a subtle improvement in mood. 
    • Around 20% have a very mild reaction like feeling a bit anxious, have a cry or feel really tired.
    • And about 30% felt like their mind was racing and they couldn’t switch off. 

If you are looking for natural ways to support your journey towards a more balanced brain state with less fog and better focus, then DeepWave Brainwave Entrainment is an excellent option!

Beta Focused DeepWave Session

Here are some examples of sessions that focus on beta frequencies which are particularly good for those who are dealing with depression, low mood, brain fog or ADHD.

Length: 30 minutes

Purpose: Focus, mental clarity, increase attention, motivation and well-being

Frequencies: SMR and Beta

 Description: The Attention booster session is, as the name suggests, to help with brain fog, daydreaming and a lack of focus and attention to the outside world. As a side effect, it will help with mood and motivation.

Results in: Improved concentration, focus, brain clarity, elevated mood.

Length: 25 minutes

Purpose: Inspiration, motivation, extroversion

Frequencies: Beta (Mixed) and 40Hz Gamma

 Description: Feeling sluggish or uninspired? Based on the neurological frequencies of peak performance and an active, creative mind, this is a chance to give yourself a mental boost and disconnect from the world to re-energise your thinking and, therefore, your action.

Results in: a mental boost for motivation, re-energise thinking.

Length: 45 minutes

Purpose: Mental and physical release/reset, deep relaxation and stress relief

Frequencies: Mixed Beta, <1.0Hz super slow wave Delta, 60Hz

 Description: Use this session as an opportunity to let go with no expectations. Enjoy the cellular memory that is triggered within your body and mind by these soothing frequencies.

Results in: deep relaxation