Christmas Anxiety

This is the most wonderful time of the year…… well, it is if anxiety doesn’t interrupt your holidays and impact your health. Let’s be realistic here…for most of us, the Christmas season is not like the movies; well, maybe it's closer to 'Die Hard' than it is to 'The Holiday'. Expectations can be high; the expense can be stressful, managing family dynamics can be anxiety-inducing, and missing loved ones can be upsetting and sad. All around, the pressure can sometimes be too much. So how do we cope and keep our anxiety levels in check?

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Brainwave Entrainment Is Not A Treatment For Anxiety

The word treatment seems to imply that it would be the most effective and worthwhile way of fixing a problem. Yet this may only be true of certain health conditions and not others. The question is, when it comes to the likes of anxiety disorders, chronic stress, depression, insomnia, PTSD and ADHD, is ‘treatment’ all we need? 

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How Do I Quieten My Mind?

We live in such an overstimulated world where disconnection from outer influences is hard to achieve. Most of us have limited time in our day where we can say we are quiet, where we give space for our minds to wander, for our thoughts to quieten, and where daydreaming or internal reflection is made possible. If this sounds like you, then the chances are, like me, your brain has all but forgotten what a calm alpha brain wave state feels like. So, what are alpha brain waves, what do they have to do with daydreaming and why are they important?

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