PTSD And Anxiety – Is Treatment The Answer?

Healthcare and Medical treatments are truly amazing gifts. For most of us, it's hard to imagine a world without access to quality healthcare. If you injure yourself or develop a major disease, there is zero doubt that 'treatment' is the wisest first (and possibly last) stop. Yet it's worth asking whether the same principles always apply to healing PTSD and Anxiety - Is Treatment the Answer?

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End-of-Year Fatigue

Welcome to the final stretch of 2022!! If the thought alone exhausts you when thinking about the countdown to Christmas, the amount of shopping to be done, the Christmas day food preparation or the additional social events that are slowly building up in your calendar….you are not alone. If you're finding it hard to concentrate, are more irritable, or have difficulties kick-starting your days, then you could well be dealing with end-of-year fatigue, a real phenomenon affecting many people during the months of November and December. So what does end-of-year fatigue look like?

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What Is Morning Anxiety?

Although morning anxiety is not a medical term, it does refer to waking up in the morning with feelings of stress and worry. If you are dealing with excessive stress, anxiety and worry when you wake, there's a good chance you may also have generalised anxiety. So what is morning anxiety? and how can we help manage it?

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Anxiety & The Relaxation Response

Covid has been the biggest disrupter to hit us in recent times, fundamentally shifting how we view the world and measure its importance. The mental health repercussions of the Covid 19 period will not be fully known for some time. I suspect that the implications for each generation will be slightly different. However, can we draw any immediate conclusions on the impact Covid may have had on how we work and our mental health?

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